Bread & Butter Barcelona

The Ginch wieners just got back from a wild and crazy trip to the world’s hottest streetwear show, Bread & Butter in Barcelona.  Besides stuffing their faces with a whole lotta chorizo sanwiches and drinking mucho red wine, they actually managed to get a lot done along the way. Here are a few pics from behind the scenes of the glitz and the  glamour.

Marcus, Ginch’s Director of Relations & Flirtations poses with models Christina and Oliver, winner of Spain’s version of America’s Next Top Model, Supermodelos 2008. For those of you who dig this latin lover’s look, you can check out an interview with him (in Spanish) here

Marcus Christina (& Oliver the model) Barcelona

Our favoritist of all was Tito seen here with our girl Suzie, Ginch’s Director of Temptations & Affiliations. 

A few more pics from the grounds of the show and surrounding area in Barcelona. Ole!

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