Turning Japanese

Zaeega, an extremely strange blog out of Japan recently did an interesting little piece on Ginch Gonch. Here is the “english” version of the posting. We aren’t too sure what they mean by “friends with a boys heart” but we are definitely happy that they love the Ginch. 

An underwear brand extremely popular among large friends with a boy’s heart — “ Ginch Gonch” It is said that it is the advertising picture photography spot which is “. that もっこり was made by such wind

— or it can dish up thickly by a female staff’s hand — such — よも?」 which I also wanted to attach to such an occupation. 

They also included a link to a striptease video in which all of the dancers are wearing Ginch Gonch monkeys.  We have absolutely no idea where it came from. Do you?  For a link to the original article click here.

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