Ginch Gonch Model is a Rising Star in the Indie Film Industry!

Remember that sexy blonde cowgirl from Ginch Gonch’s famous Western campaign?  Three years later, our gal Tammy Gillis is carving out a name for herself in the independent film industry.

Ginch Gonch prides itself in finding undiscovered talent, and helping individuals build their career in modeling, film or other industries in which their great potential can be cultivated to the greatest degree. See Tammy here (first on the right) in her Western Briefs. For more information on her budding career see article below.


  Vancouver – March 12, 2009, You know Canadian greats like Molly Parker and most recently, Ellen Page, but who will be the next indie actress to rise up and capture our attention? With a leading      roll in a picture being touted as “the little film that could”, Tammy Gillis is making her mark where she first cut her teeth, in Canadian indie.

 Manitoba born, Gillis started her career working with the great cult filmmaker, Guy Maddin, otherwise known as “the Canadian David Lynch”, on the critically acclaimed short film Heart of the  World.  This ignited a love for the process and a greater understanding of the community atmosphere that is the indie world.  From here, Tammy went on to play a broad range of characters in a  variety of independent short films, including the award winning Cemetery Love Story with Farpoint Films masterminds John Barnard and Kyle Bornais of House Party, a new series on the Comedy  Network, and Wild Cherry starring Rumour Willis.  These experiences created opportunities in film and television for Gillis which prompted a move to Vancouver where she expanded her resume  working on big budget features, such as Antoine Fuqua’s Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, White Noise 2 starring Nathan Fillion,  and in television on  Reaper, Battlestar Gallactica, and notably,  with a role on the award winning C.B.C. series jPod among others.

 Keeping her feet wet in the independent world is always something Tammy comes back to; and it seems we as film lovers do too. The past couple of years, Canadian indie films have been making more  of a stir across Canada and North America.  Features such as Young People F*cking (Martin Gero), When Life Was Good (Terry Miles), Away From Her (Sarah Polley) and a number of other projects  are bringing the independent filmmaking talent in Canada to the forefront.

 Starring in the upcoming dramatic feature Under the Apple Box, shot on the new RED camera, Tammy Gillis plays the beautiful and mysterious lead, Audrey Fields/Leila Bahar whose secret has been  buried under an apple box for 20 years.  Once it becomes unlocked, Leila finds her two worlds colliding – the past and her future. Director Ellie Fox says “At heart, what makes this film powerful is  Tammy’s strong and compelling performance; her total commitment to her art…”  Under the Apple Box was written, directed and financed by Ellie Fox (A Flower in the Sand – 2005 Cannes Festival Selection), who produced the film with Kim Wakefield (Mount Pleasant).   This “little film that could” and all of its indie grit is garnering attention from producers and distributors around the globe; you can bet you’ll be seeing it in the festival circuit. 

“I love the atmosphere of an indie film set.  It’s electric. It’s personal.” -Tammy Gillis

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