People we cover down below: Interview with DJ FEMBOT

Ginch Gonch loves DJ Fembot, the up-and-coming girl DJ from Vancouver BC who is now making a name for herself in the Los Angeles club scene. She has rocked crowds around the world and has performed at high-profile events for groups like Ladytron and The Killers. DJ Fembot performed at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in last month and is gearing up for the Coachella festival coming up in April.

She has promised to send us some of her new tracks shortly and even agreed to rock the house in her Ginch during one of her upcoming performances so stay posted for some event pics. Here is a short but sweet interview with the soon-to-be superstar.


GG- When did you start DJing and how did you get into it?
DJ FEMBOT-I started DJing at age 21. I was playing keyboards in a band called The No No Spots in Vancouver BC and my guitar player was a DJ. I watched him a lot and really wanted to try it. So one day our band was playing a show and he was DJing the after party and gave me a crash course. Ever since then I was hooked and my love for DJing grew more and more each day. I have such a huge passion for music and these last 3 years have been taking it very seriously and also lately getting heavy into producing my own original music and remixing for other artists.

GG-You originally reached out to Ginch for undies to wear at an upcoming show. Do you generally DJ in your underwear?
DJ FEMBOT-Haha no I never have DJed in my underwear except for when I am at home. I love being cozy in my undies at home. It is so liberating, as long as the heat is on… Actually I am sitting in the boys fire truck briefs as we speak.

GG-Ginch’s motto is Live Like a Kid. In one sentence, what would you say is your philosophy in life?
DJ FEMBOT-There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

GG-Let’s face it you are pretty hot for a DJ. Did you ever consider becoming an underwear model? (Just asking)
DJ FEMBOT-Aww thank you. That’s so sweet…Nah I never considered it. But I love undies so much, especially Ginch Gonch. If I could get an unlimited amount of undies then sure why not.

GG-What is your dream gig?
DJ FEMBOT- My dream gig is to be Madonnas tour DJ. I have loved her ever since I was a little girl. Her live shows are always amazing and give you chills down your spine. So I think being a part of that would be extremely mind blowing and so much fun.

GG-Anything else about you that we should know about?
DJ FEMBOT-Hmm… I just recently became vegan in the summer and love it. I love colored vinyl. I was born in Poland. I eat a lot of ice cream…oh and I’m extremely scared of wasps. You can find more out at

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