People we cover down below: Interview with DJ BEAU

We had such a positive response from our feature on DJ FEMBOT last week that we thought we’d go ahead and cover her DJ partner, the lovely DJ BEAU. Who woulda thought that there were so many hot, young, talented girl DJs out there?

From sexy house to hard hitting electro and anything in between, Dj BEAU brings the noise. Influenced by art, media and fashion, this cutie serves up an eclectic blend of sophisticated house and Euro-pop in every set. 

We asked DJ BEAU the same questions as we asked FEMBOT just to see how the friends’ answers differed…here ya go!


When did you start spinning and how did you get into it?

I started Djing when I was 22.  I have always really loved music and I would always pick apart songs and pay attention to different beats.
Whenever I would go out I would always pay attention to the music and be drawn to the Dj booth. So I saved up some money, bought the equipment and literally sat at home and pushed every single button ! Then when I had an idea of what I was doing, I started Djing at local lounges and house parties and started getting out there and meeting the right people !

You originally reached out to Ginch for undies to wear at an upcoming show. Do you generally DJ in your underwear?

In general, not too often! (laugh) That’s more private time, however who wouldn’t want to show off their awesome Ginch Gonch while Djing !! They are the most comfortable undies and they make your bum look great!

Ginch’s motto is Live Like a Kid. In one sentence, what would you say is your philosophy in life?

My motto would have to be, ” Life is not a destination, it’s a journey.” 

Let’s face it you are pretty hot for a DJ. Did you ever consider becoming an underwear model? (Just asking)

Thats soooo nice !! No I never did, a little camera shy! 

What is your dream gig?

I would love to play in Europe or In Asia like the Philippines. I Dj’ed a spring break cruise through Mexico and it was so great, I met so many people and I found that European and Asian people love, love, love electro-house and we had such a great time together.

Anything else about you that we should know about?

Well, when I am not djing during the day I am a hairstylist and make up artist.
I do a lot of fashion and print work. I love it both of my jobs allow me to be super creative and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! […] I am also mildly obsessed with Target and Indian food! Hahah…

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