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As many of you know, Ginch Gonch likes to support people that are fun, inspirational and share our Live Like a Kid!  philosophy by covering their goodies in our goods. Here is a little convo we had with Beethoven Pitanga, a cool x-treme in-line skater dude we met in Barcelona during the Bread & Butter show in January. The guy is from Brazil, wears Ginch, and can flip around in the air while wearing freakin’ roller skates. What more can you ask for in a man?

x-treme rollerblading

x-treme rollerblading

x-treme rollerblading

GG- Beethoven is a pretty unique first name. What’s the deal with it?

Beethoven- My mother is a painter, and when she was pregnant with me, she was painting a portrait. My father saw her painting, asked who the subject was, and she replied: Beethoven. My father thought that it was a great name, so he suggested that they name their first child Beethoven. And that is how I got the name of the great composer.

GG- How did you get into x-treme in-line skating and how long have you been doing it for?

Beethoven- I have been skating since 1993 when one of the kids in my neighbourhood lent me their skates. A few weeks later, my dad gave me my own pair for my birthday and I began skating every day. My father never imagined that his gift could lead to my success as one of the best extreme skaters in Brazil and abroad!

GG- You travel a lot for our job. What was your most memorable trip and why?

Beethoven-My most memorable trip was in 2001 when I competed in Europe for the first time. I trained in London and competed in Liverpool which has an amazing skate park. It felt great to be competing in one of the best skate parks in Europe and to have many people asking me for my autograph.

GG- If you weren’t skating for a living, what would be your dream job?

Beethoven- I love working with kids so if I wasn’t skating, I would have liked to be a physical education teacher.

GG-Who is your greatest inspiration?

Beethoven- Jesus Christ is my greatest inspiration. He was a great revolutionary and I’m fascinated with his story.

GG- What do you like most about our fun-derwear?

Beethoven- I really like Ginch Gonch’s original style. When I compete, my pants are often ride low or they are ripped so my underwear is constantly being exposed. I like that Ginch Gonch has me covered with cool designs, and beyond style, I find the underwear really comfortable.

GG- Anything else we should know about you?

Beethoven- I’m happy to reperesent the Ginch Gonch, and hope to promote the brand in many events.

Beethoven Pitanga

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