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Dirty Taz just cleaned out his undies drawer and is now rocking 100% Ginch. The self-proclaimed ‘village idiot’ is an up-and-coming Montreal french rapper who doesn’t take himself too seriously. I mean, the guy opened for dancehall reggae megastar Elephant Man in his freakin’ underwear. Now that’s badass. 

Ginch Gonch talks to Taz about rhymes, life, and what makes him “dirty”.

Dirty Taz

GG: How did you get into rapping and how long have you been doing music for?

TAZ: I started rappin’ about 15 years ago after buying my first rap tape called Fresh Rap. I rapped in English at first but then switched to French when I heard rappers like MC Solar and IAM from France. Rap was just a way to express myself and be cool.

GG: What is your next album all about? 

TAZ: I dunno yet. The title is probably gonna be “Le diner des cons” [Translation: The Dinner of Idiots. This is a sad French tradition of inviting someone very uncultivated to a formal dinner party for the sole purpose of making fun of them.] and it’s gonna be a humorous tip that’s for sure. Right now I’m focusing on my latest project titled L’idiot du village [Translation: The Village Idiot] that is in stores right now.

GG: Who is your favorite rapper and why?

TAZ: Redman for his humorous side. Since his first albums he had a lot of funny skits which was rare at the time. Everybody had that gangsta’ style but he wasn’t afraid to go left field. I also like Busta Rhymes for his high energy onstage. He definitely puts on a show every time.

GG: Were you cool in high-school? (Tell the truth.)

TAZ: Absolutely not! I was a nerd throughout high-school and got beat up a lot. Everybody was a WWF [now WWE] fan and my peers usually practiced all the moves on me (laugh). I quickly realized that being funny was the only way I could hang with the cool kids.

GG: Most rappers perpetuate the whole “money, cash, bitches” cliché, however you have obviously distanced yourself from that image. Has it been a challenge to pave the way for yourself as a self-declared funny rapper? 

TAZ: Yeah it was…at first people looked at me as if I was from Mars or something, but the fact is that even though my shit is funny, it’s still quality material. I think people respect the fact that I don’t make music like everybody else. I like to consider myself a breath of fresh air in the monotonous rap game.

Dirty Taz live in Ginch

GG: We heard that you often strip down to our underwear onstage…what’s the deal with that?

TAZ: Just ’cause I’m sexy like that! At first I did it because it was hot onstage with the lights and everything. Then it just stuck ’cause people thought it was some kind of gimmick. Since I’m not really buff, it just adds to the funny vibe of my performance.

GG: What is your favorite pair-o-Ginch?

TAZ: Definitely the pink ones. They are really manly.

GG: ok personal question. What do the ladies think about your Ginch?

TAZ: To tell the truth, they often start laughing. But you know what they say, “humor is the best way to a girl’s bed”. 

GG: Tell us about the “Dirty” in Dirty Taz.

TAZ: I don’t shower very often…nah…For real it’s just a state of mind. It’s about not being afraid to express myself in any way I see fit and write rhymes about whatever subject I feel should be explored. It’s also about how I am in the bedroom, but that’s between me and my right hand.

GG: Anything else we should know about you?

TAZ: My album, L’idiot du village, is in stores right now so go get it. You’ll have a blast listening to it. Big up to Ginch Gonch for the sponsorship. And, oh yeah, I love wearing pink bras. [Ginch’ll leave this last comment to your imagination.]




Check out Dirty Taz’s latest video here. Brrop bop!

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