Ginch Gonch at Macy’s NYC

Last week, Ginch Gonch’s Director of Shmoozing & Carousing, Rebecca, went down to New York City with Suzie, the Director of Temptations & Affiliations, to visit some of their favorite stores. Fun was had by all but more fun was had by one individual in particular.

Our man Glenn, the Men’s Manager at Macy’s Herald Square, was such a Ginch enthusiast that he agreed to strip down to his Pink Piggy Wiener Eaters underwear in front of his entire morning staff after an early morning meeting. We were this close to packing him in our suitcases and bringing him back with us, but we didn’t think he’d be able to breathe through the bubble wrap.

Here is Glenn, Ginch clad and coffee in hand with his team at Macy’s.

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  1. Glenn Sr. said

    Oh my God , He’s so cute! A chip off the old block! (except my package is way bigger)

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