Ginch hits the stores

Any idea what a typical day in the life of an underwear sales rep is like? To be honest we have no idea how other companies do it, but at Ginch Gonch, we like to get to know our customers and the boutiques that carry our line.

In fact, we love our retailers so much that we like to visit them every now and again just to say howdy. Here are some pics from a few of our favorite stores.

Meli Melo – Montreal, QC 

Above: Yunus, Ginch Gonch wiener & store owner, Felix


Just One L.A. – West Hollywood, CA

Above: store owner, Nir

Bloomingdale’s Soho – New York, NY

Suteki – Montreal, QC

Above: Co-owner Fate and Ginch Wieners Yunus & Rebecca


Razberry – Montreal, QC

Above: Castle, store owner (middle) and Ginch wiener Yunus (right)

Global guys Gear– Brisbane, Australia


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