Ginch Gonch & Banana Guard Protect your Valuables!

What do you get when you combine a plastic banana protector with the world’s funkiest underwear brand?  The answer is one happy, well-protected banana and a unique holiday gift.

This holiday season, Ginch Gonch is teaming up with Vancouver-based Banana Guard to offer a special gift-with-purchase promotion to customers who buy three pairs of underwear or more online.

Some might ask themselves what exactly is a Banana Guard? The item in question is a rather funny looking colorful plastic device that bears an uncanny resemblance to an adult toy but serves the practical purpose of protecting your banana from being crushed in your lunch bag on your way to school or work. No one likes a bruised banana and Banana Guard has introduced a solution to this problem that has been plaguing people since they have been carrying around the sweet, meaty fruit.

Ginch Gonch is known for its cheeky, outside-of-the box marketing campaigns and ‘Live Like a Kid’ philosophy.  The Banana Guard cross-promotional campaign fits perfectly with Ginch Gonch’s corporate culture. “We felt that our partnership with Banana Guard has allowed us to communicate the Ginch Gonch philosophy of protecting your planet, health, food and valuables, while simultaneously making people laugh and offering them a practical, complimentary product that they otherwise may not have discovered on their own”, said Ginch Gonch CEO and Director of Dollars and Sense, Naomi Ronn.

The promotion will begin today online at and in selected North American retail outlets while Banana Guard quantities last.

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