Heatin’ it up on the Hill

Some people will always think of long johns as those god-awful white synthetic things your mom made you wear. You know, those yucky under-pants that sag in the ass and make you look like you are wearing a diaper? 

Well, thanks to Ginch Gonch you’ll never have to endure that kind of humiliation again. We are saying “No More!” to the old, boring thermal pants that we all hate, and have created the funkiest and most colorful long johns you have ever laid your eyes on! 

These bad boys are perfect for rocking out next to the fire after a day of intense skiing or snowboarding, and will make your après-ski experience that much more fashionable. 


You can buy Ginch Gonch long johns online at www.ginchgonch.com 


  1. Daniel Premack said

    Ginch-Gonch Victorian Backdraft longjohns are perfect. Just the right amount of colour and black in a stylish pattern. I can wear these to bed and when the pooch has to go out for a quickie, I can run out and not be embarrassed about what I’m wearing. Even after the heavy snow we just had in DC, the Backdraft longjohns keep me warm and toasty in all the important places.

  2. Kasey said

    Oh wow! I LOVE these! How did I not see these before??

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