Win a $35 Ginch Gonch e-Gift Card!

Stuck for a last-minute gift? If you are looking for something quick and cheeky, look no further. Ginch is giving away a $35 e-gift card to one lucky person who posts a comment to this blog posting. You will no longer have to leave your house to shop for that special someone and can spend more of your time having fun with them in the bedroom instead!

See below for contest details.


Here is how the contest works. Please read the rules CAREFULLY:

  • Check out and find your favorite Ginch Gonch long johns
  • Post a comment containing the style name and why you like it so much
  • One person will be chosen at random on Tuesday, December 22nd at 5 p.m. so get your comments in before then!
  • The lucky winner will be announced on the blog and will have the e-gift card emailed to them that day
  • The gift card is valid for one year and will expire December 22nd, 2010


  1. scott said

    I love the Fire Trucks! When I have a fire crotch thing going on i want firemen showing up and jerking their hoses off their fire trucks. That’ll keep the fire going!

  2. ginchgonch said

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments, we loved them all!!!!!!

    The ‘wiener’, chosen amongst the most creative comments at random, is Robert DiGioia. Congrats Robert you will be receiving an email from us shortly!

    Happy Holidays from the GG team!


  3. buckybearboy said

    The mighty Muscle Long Johns are my favorite! Their Long and Tough to hold on to my muscle. My partner loves to see my muscle in the Mighty Muscle Long Jons!

    Happy Holidays All!!


  4. Jolly Cocks / Chokin’ Chicken
    Are My Favorit’e so far. But i must say, I LOVE ALL your underwear, for guys AND gals. BUT I’d still like to see you guy’s make a brief out of softer material, Like Satin, silk, microfiber, licra, or the like, I think, No I KNOW that straight guys as well as Gay guys, (like Me) would but them up.

    Dennis Finn
    Chicago, IL

  5. GinchGonchGirl said

    I LOVE night wieners. I have been following ginch gonch since I first heard about them on Dragon’s Den and already own a few sets. I definately could use a gift card so I can buy my bf a set for his birthday.

  6. Alberta Cutie said

    GEEK CHIC all the way to the bank baby.

  7. Dr. Ski-Alot said

    I could sure use a set of blue buns to keep my buns warm on the slopes this season. If I don’t win I may just get frostbite on my tush, and it is far too nice of tush for that, trust me.

  8. MorganMan1997 said

    there’s nothing better than a lil bit of night wiener.

  9. Brian said

    I like the Mighty Muscle ones. Blues my favorite color and I love having the big rigs all over.

  10. John Skorka said

    I love the Fire Trucks / Fire Crotch there soooo sweet! Now if only the Fireman came with them!

  11. Brian said

    I like the Tiger’s Wood long johns because they’re so hot they would make Tiger’s wood-centric issues pale in comparison to the good times that would follow.

  12. Tihomir Gantchev said

    Victorian Backfill Booty are my fav!!
    They are classy!!!

  13. carlos martinez said

    Shaft Blaster long jhons are my favorites. ‘case i would love to been heated by it.

  14. Nicholas Burrowes said

    I Love the Weiner Eaters reworked long johns!!! Just because I love a “good weiners” as much as the next person, lol.

  15. Nicholas Burrowes said

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lowrise Blazin’ Backseats because it always keeps my “backseat” blazin’!!! lol. 8-D

  16. Lauren L said

    I admire the Multiple Trucks/Megatons because I have been looking for a pair of long johns for my boyfriend’s x-mas gift for a couple of weeks. I had not reached satisfaction until I stumbled upon your website today. I would enjoy looking at him in those leg huggers and I know he would appreciate them while hard at work for his well-drilling job!

  17. Heather Li said

    I love the Argyle Geek Chic because it makes me feel clever down under. πŸ˜‰

  18. Brad said

    I love the stars collection…. and the tiger low-rise, and the totems, o, I LOVE THEM ALL!!

  19. Mikey!!! said

    Ok so I gotta love the Jolly Cocks, Cock a Doodle, in blue because what cock wouldn’t be jolly in a pair of these??????

  20. Malcolm said

    Hi there

    Love the Multiple Stars/ Rising Star long johns
    Nice colours & design

    Does the model’s abs come with the long johns? lol

  21. Aaron said

    My favorite is the Argyle Geek Chic. Ginches (and the men in them) are one subject I have no difficulty studying! πŸ˜‰

  22. Nick said

    My fave long Johns are the Shaft Blaster as that is what I love doing in them

  23. Mario DeAndrΓ© Brooks said

    I’m luvin the Arglye Tiger’s Wood long johns cuz, A. the name is sooooo appropriate for current events. And B. they look like jester pants. I’d be a manly Harley Quinn on Batman!

  24. Bob Bailey said

    I like the Multiple Stars Rising Stars long johns because it makes a nice wrapping for large packages! πŸ˜‰

  25. Robert Deme said

    Merry Xmas Everybody!!!!!!!

  26. Richard Garner said

    My favorite is the night weiner long johns. Great theme and dark colors loook great.

  27. Jean-Marc said

    I love the Multiple Stars / Rising Star long john they are so colorful and they are making me look like a Star…

    Love it

  28. I love the night Wiener Eaters! Not sure if my last post went through.. =)

  29. Jasin storey said

    I love ginch gonch wear

  30. I like the late night Wiener Eaters, they remind me of my whole reason for living ;).

  31. Brian Van Pelt said

    I just gotta say all of the styles names are absolutely hooolarious!! But when we call it a night I’m going to bring on the Jolly Cock. All because the line represents any man at any point of his life … Old McDonald did have a farm but never was there a Jolly Ole’ Cock like these.

  32. Abdula ''buddah'' khashman said

    well, I LOVE ***Glitter***Collection simply… cuz G: is for a GanGstah, G: is for Glam, G: is for GAY, G: is for Guys’n Gurlz, G is for GAGA, G is for Gym, G is for… GinchGonch …G is for **GLITTER**… has a star baby …yeah its a STAR β˜…β™«*β˜…β™«*β˜…β™«* THis Iz L!Fe Huniβ˜…β™«*β˜…β™«*β˜…β™«*


    & so on…

  33. I’d love to be able to give my boy a pair of the Prince Albert Arrow underwear for X-Mas. He loves my Ginch Gonch, but has never “splurged” as he says on a pair. A kodak moment in the making! πŸ™‚

  34. I like the Victorian Shaft Blaster. They’ll make me vroum-vroum all night long, John !


  35. equal4all said

    i like the weiner eaters because, well to be honest the name is just purely funny as heck. they’re extremely comfortable to wear when i am training for my winter marathon or when i’m by the open fire at my cabin in upstate new york. they give plenty of room “down there,” and are not over priced at all. i’d buy 20 more pairs if i had the chance!

  36. Mikey said

    i like the multiple stars/star studs. when u are a stud like me u need to make your playpals see stars;-) i love ginch gonch undies.

  37. I personally love the “Flirt Squirt”. Being a Fire Fighter in Training and the fact that i wear them underneath my uniform pants, i think thats work winning. lol no but seriously, i am a huge flirt and thats what i am known for being here in Little Ol’ South Florida.

  38. Michael Sullivan said

    I love the fire crotch long johns….so comfy πŸ™‚ love those kind of prints.

  39. Regimus Maximus said

    My favorite one is the “Firetrucks” I wish I can find them again..

  40. Heather said

    Aw heck, I love the might muscle design. There is nothing like big manly loads on your undies…teeheehee.

  41. adey poynter said

    my favorite ginch gonch long johns by far are the Rising Star’s. i have the full set of long john but the ones i wear the most are the Rising Star ones. pure class with a hint of individuality…. excellent

  42. Kasey said

    Of the Ginch Gonch long johns, I am definitely partial to the Night Wieners style. I think this design has the perfect combination of tongue-in-cheek humor with sex appeal and fantastic fit. In my opinion, this design is a classic embodiment of the “Live Like a Kid” motto which has brought GG where they are today!

    Love your undies! Keep it up, Canada! Looking forward to what comes next…

    • Kasey said

      Also a big fan of the Victorian Backfill Booty design! Just had to throw that out there.

  43. Mike said

    I wold love for my girlfriend to wear some “Fire Crotch” long johns…then the carpet WOULD match the drapes.

    • Steve A said


  44. Kyle said

    I love the Tiger’s Wood long johns considering all the press about him, and the fun design makes them even better. Love them!

  45. Sam Wiser said

    Umm Hello! DUH The “Victorian” Long Johns are the best ones, the colors contrast perfect and the parterns art too much! plus the look good on the modle! lol

  46. RJ said

    Wiener Eater Ginches are my favourite design! They remind me what sexy underwear is all about!

  47. Ryan said

    I absolutely loved the Ginch Gonch Bull Rider underwear. I was so disappointed when it was discontinued. and I’ve since lost my pair (oops, don’t know how that happened, I swear) and would love to get another. I guess my new favorite is Tiger’s Wood for now. Looking forward to the next collection.

    ❀ Ryan

  48. Brent Jason said

    DEFINATELY My favorite long johns are the Multiple Trucks Grease Monkey! SOOO sexy, great color, hot style for a boy in chilly cold Canada. I wanna wrap my inches in those ginches!

  49. Steve A said

    A good ol’ case of Fire Crotch is what I like best, especially when out camping all alone with the one u love!

  50. Trisha said

    Obviously the best pair are Argyle – Tiger’s Wood. The play on words that was clever before Tiger’s escapades came to light becomes more than hilarious now that we know that his Wood really was always woody. Amen Ginch Gonch, amen.

  51. Paul Butler said

    My favourite long johns are the “Wiener Eaters.” I love the weiner and buns theme, and it is great to think of camping during the cold montreal winters. You can stay warm and still think about summer!

  52. Tyson said

    There really is nothing better than Greek Chic! Great colours. They’ll look good on me … and on the bedroom floor.

    • Tyson said

      Ha! That’s “Geek” Chic. Maybe I should stop making up my own names.

  53. Ralfyboi said

    I love me some Argyle / Geek Chic Lowrise! They are so cute and chic, there’s no need to where anything else and cover them up. πŸ™‚ That’s high fashion right there! haha

  54. Wendle said

    Boy , there isn’t a more appropraite name for my favorite long johns other than Blue Buns!!!! at least that way they would match all the rest of the equipment… Blue balls and blue Buns!!! what a perfect match.. uhmm guys if I happen to win could you send the model as well??????? just a thought!

  55. Mason Hughes said

    The Victorian/Jack Ham ‘Er’s are the cooles and with bright blue outline/contrasting against the white it’s wicked….and the JackHammer is my fav tool! πŸ˜‰

  56. Christopher said

    My favorite Ginch Gonch style is TIGER’S WOOD — they make my “wood” like “iron” so I never “come up short” — always a HOLE IN ONE!

  57. Joanna Smith said

    I don’t get it, aren’t we supposed to comment on our favorite style of long johns? Well, since that what it says, that is what I am saying!! I love the Wiener Eaters Night Wiener Long Johns. I chose them because my husband has the best sense of humor and I think he would get a real kick out of wearing these around the house. He is pretty confident about his bod and the way he looks in his clothes, so he would be the biggest “ham” in wearing these around the house to get attention, and I’d most certainly give it to him, LOL! I also think the kids would enjoy seeing their Daddy in these, they are so darn cute! Thanks for the chance to enter! I’d love my own pair of Ginch Gonch panties to sport around, they are cool for sure!

  58. Bevan said

    I love the Multiple Stars/Rising Star long johns because they would make feel like a super hero πŸ˜›

  59. Lawrence said

    I love Ginch Gonch underwear. They have the best fit.

  60. Anthony said

    Chokin’ Chicken is definitely my fav!! You can’t beat that name. πŸ˜‰

  61. matt said

    Fire Trucks
    Fire Crotch

    I just like how they show you off a lot and the Kiddy style and i want it because i live in Cold canada and i could use them to keep warm and i just want to bring the kid out in me

  62. Brian said

    I’m fashion concious… and like to stay warm… a bit of a Geek, I choose the Geek Chic

  63. Robert DiGioia said

    Keep your form warm with Multiple Trucks/Megatons Long Johns from Ginch Gonch! No need to fear from Winter this year while you’re wearing this undergear!

  64. Lela said

    I wear Ginch Gonch cuz it makes me feel all happy like I have a sassy little secret!

  65. Hunson said

    [Tiger’s Wood] – They are awesome!

  66. AJ said

    Think Ginch Gonch are the best looking skivvies around, just wish they came in bigger sizes…..

  67. The Perfect Fit | Gift | Brand | Underwear | Ginch Gonch ❀

  68. John W said

    I love Ginch Gonch!! My favorite Undies!!

    • John W said

      The “Fire Crotch” are my favorite!!!

  69. Hunson said

    I’m excited. I’ve always wanted a pair but could never afford it.

  70. ginchgonch said

    Reminder: You must tell us which long johns are your favorites to win the card!

  71. Cristian miguel said


  72. Eddie said

    Ging Gong is the best of the best…

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