I LOVE Collection Launch!

Attention fashionistas and fellow underwear enthusiasts, Ginch Gonch is proud to announce its much-anticipated new 2010 collection, I LOVE.

I LOVE is all about the things, people and places that get our hearts beating faster and our adrenaline pumping harder. Ginch Gonch’s cheekiest collection yet, this limited-edition underwear & loungewear line for guys and girls will be showing you new love monthly with 12 different themes that will get you groovin’ to the likes of the late, great, Teddy Pendergrass. Get them as they hit the shelves and collect them all!

Show that special someone how you feel by taking care of their privates and yours with the gift of Ginch this Valentine’s day. Available now are the first underwear styles from I LOVE GIRLS and I LOVE BOYS, made for both ladies and gents in typical Ginch spirit.

There are only a couple days left to order them online in time for Valentine’s day delivery. In the USA, you must place your order before February 3rd. In Canada, order before January 31st to ensure pre-sweet-lovemaking day delivery. Click here to SHOP.


Stay tuned for upcoming I LOVE collections: I LOVE LONDON & I LOVE TOKYO coming soon…


  1. […] I checked – it’s true – Piss and Vinegar announced their collection 4 days before Ginch Gonch made their I Love collection public. Both were just in time for Valentines Day – no surprise […]

  2. ginchgonch said

    Hey Roxy,

    The I LOVE GIRLS are definitely being made for ladies too. We just had a bit of a delay on that shipment coming in from overseas. The I LOVE GIRLS for girls’ll be available in a little over a week. I’ll send out a news blast then.

    Thanks for being such a loyal Gincher!


  3. Roxy said

    Hey, Ginchies!
    Why no undies for girls who love girls? The boys get “I Love Girls” and “I Love Boys,” but the girls are all forced to love boys! What’s up with that? Queer girls need cute undies, too!

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