Up close & personal with Ginch Gonch’s designers

Meet Eric, Ginch Gonch’s brillitantisimo Art Director (also known as the Director of Noodles and Doodles), and his sidekick slash superstar graphic-designer Annie, the official Director of Squigglies and Wigglies. We asked them a few “brief” questions about the madness that goes into designing some of the coolest underwear in the world.

What did you do before Ginch?

Eric: I used to go commando quite a bit. Now I put pants on.

Annie: Bank robber, dinosaur breeder, Nascar driver, key master (keys open doors), U.N. delegate, dude rancher, astrophysicist, avatar….you know the usual hobbies before you settle into something serious.

What’s the thing you love most about covering people’s privates with your designs?

Annie: I love the idea that people wear what I created. It’s amazing to know that people chose my designs to cover their fronts and backs! I put a lot of thought, love and secret sauce (wine) into creating my babies. It is always a compliment to see a positive reaction to my work.

Eric: My designs have big gaping holes in them!

Describe the fashion industry in one word.

Eric: Clueless

Annie: Onion

What do you consider inappropriate behavior in the workplace?

Eric: White Jockeys. And I don’t mean the little dudes on horses.

Annie: Acting normal, whatever that is. The reason why we come up with such fun stuff is that we are far from normal! We act crazy in this place:  people running around in their undies, company powwows where people have wrestling matches, cock fights…You know, the usual.

Name one object you can’t live without.

Eric: The steering wheel on my car. My liver is pretty important too.

Annie: My bed. How else do you expect me to recuperate from a day of madness at the Ginch head office?

Who has more fun: kids or grownups?

Annie: Grown-ups who are kids at heart ‘cause we have the best of both worlds. We still  love to play, we are still marveled at all the cool stuff that is out there but we make money and are responsible for ourselves. Clearly I don’t have any children yet…laugh.

Eric: Grownups for sure…Helllooo…SEX!

Who is your favorite designer?

Eric: Levi Strauss. He’s deceased now I hear.

Annie: I would have to say Stefan Sagmeister, the world-renowned graphic designer. Everything he comes up with is brilliant and meticulously thought out. He is an amazing conceptual designer and a great inspiration to me.

How many dates before the horizontal hustle?

Eric: I might as well tell you now. I’m easy.

Annie: Did you say drinks or dates? Ah forget it, a lady never tells.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever did for Ginch Gonch?

Annie: Oh my, it would take a few paragraphs to explain that incident! Let’s just say there was a naked guy, a camera, and me. Enough said.

Eric: No comment.

If you had to choose between one (and death is not an option); William Shatner or Bill O’Reiley?

Eric: My homey…Will S.

Annie: Go Team Shatner!

Anything else we should know about you?

Eric: I just farted.

Annie: I like long walks by the beach, horseback riding and dinner by candlelight. Nah just kidding…I like intelligent and fun design, enjoying my life and, oh yeah, underwear!

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