The Ginch Gonch wieners recently returned from their bi-annual pilgrimage to wonderful Las Vegas for the MAGIC fashion trade show. The focus of the trip was of course to engage in tom foolery and ballyhoo of the highest degree, and as per this objective, the wieners succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

Our models practiced their catwalk skills as Ginch Gonch beach balls ricocheted off craniums from all corners of the convention center. A makeshift bowling alley was created in the center aisle of the show and fun was had by all.

Of course, when there was time between having too much fun and taking in the surrounding eye candy, the GG wieners did try to get a little bit of work done by previewing their exciting new I LOVE part II  underwear and loungewear collection for fall/winter 2010.

Below is a little taste of what the MAGIC show, and the city, was all about for us this time around.

Long live debauchery!



  1. ginchgonch said

    Those are the long johns from the upcoming I LOVE SUGAR collection for fall 2010. Stay tuned!

  2. Dustin said

    Hey Just wanna know what your wearing! the pic of when your legs are spread? what are the bottoms you have on? they are way cool

  3. We did indeed! You should visit the show next time around. Many of the bloggers come down to vegas to cover us (no pun intended).


  4. Jay said

    I would have loved to have been there. Looks like you had an amazing time 🙂

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