This morning I woke up, put on my Ginch, dyed my eyebrows pink, and jumped into a one-piece neon-green bubble wrap leisure suit.

I’m officially obsessed.

In the spirit of our upcoming I LOVE TOKYO collection, Ginch Gonch has promised to share an interesting aspect of Japanese culture with you daily. It’s now day 3 and we proudly present to you a snapshot of one of the coolest and crazyest aspects of popular culture in the land of the rising sun, Harajuku style.

There’s more to Harajuku than Gwen Stefani and her Seven dwarves (yeah…we know there are 4 but it sounds funnier this way). This youth subculture sees hundreds of teenagers congregate near Harajuku Station in Tokyo every Sunday to show off their unique fashion sense in the most outrageous way. 

Harajuku styles has many sub-categories from “Ganguro” to “Gothic Lolita” and has been going strong since the 1980s. We’re not too sure what they put in the cool-aid over there, but whatever it is, we want in.


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