Sizzle Sticks

If you’re yearning for a thick, greasy, salty treat, Ginch Gonch’s new I LOVE BACON collection will satisfy that craving.

I LOVE BACON underwear for men and women have a nifty retro look and a unique, cripsy-strip waistband with an anti-muffin top elastic so you can stuff yourself with fried pork fat to your hearts desire without looking bad in your underwear.

Men & women’s boxers and pajama pants feature a crispy strip repeat pattern and bacon trimmings. All available for sale online now.

Underwear & loungewear styles for both guys and girls are available online now at


  1. Fabulous designs and ads! I am going to promote them on my blog but can’t seem to find the lounge pants for sale anywhere yet. Please let me know so I can let my readers know where to find them!

  2. Jay said

    LOL, Kasey 🙂 Me too.

  3. Jay said

    Ha ha, I “Love” the waistbands 🙂 Drop me a line if you want a review on Guys’ Underwear Blog!

  4. Kasey said

    Is it weird that the first promotional photo up there is exactly how I envision my honeymoon? lol For serious though, I absolutely love these designs. Love, love, love.

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