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Boxing Day Special!!

Boxing Day Special!!

TODAY ONLY!! Get 50% off our entire site with this special Boxing Day code! Happy Holidays!

-Ginch Gonch

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“Listen” to the voice of GINCH

Recently Ginch took to the airwaves in our bid to take over the world one crotch at a time. See if you can guess the number of times “probe” was uttered….

Click Here to “Listen” to the voice of GINCH

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We are now 3 days away from the official launch of I LOVE TOKYO, a Japanese-inspired collection by  the world’s cheekiest-and your favorite- underwear brand. We thought it only fitting to share with you a little tatse of Japan’s cinematic B-movie legacy, Godzilla, in anticipation of Ginch Gonch’s own Gonchzilla undies, coming out next week.

For you film nerds out there, we thought we’d share the epic opening lines from this vintage classic:

“This is Tokyo. Once a city of six million people. What has happened here was caused by a force which up until a few days ago was entirely beyond the scope of Man’s imagination. Tokyo, a smoldering memorial to the unknown, an unknown which at this very moment still prevails and could at any time lash out with its terrible destruction anywhere else in the world. There were once many people here who could’ve told of what they saw…now there are only a few.”  -Steve Martin (Godzilla 1954)

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Ginch Boutique Report

We love it when the fashion boutiques that carry our underwear keep us updated on how much fun they  have covering their customers’ behinds and we wanted to share their creativity with you.

RIOT, Rock & Roll themed boutique, cafe, & bar

Riot boutique is a unique concept store on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean that was opened by a Canadian who refused to brave yet another cold winter shlepping through slush on the streets of Montreal. 

Zoe, the store’s owner, set up her dream boutique with a cafe and fully stocked bar. Martinis while shopping anyone?



PHAG (Philadelphia Home Art Garden), Fashion, furniture & design boutique

Jason, PHAG boutique owner and designer housewares guru, is encouraging his customers to give the gift of Ginch this winter.  He got such a kick out of the Ginch Gonch Banana Guard that we gave him that he is giving them away as a free gift-with-purchase to his customers that buy Ginch Gonch underwear at PHAG during the holidays.

We really love the meaning Jason ascribed to the name of his store. Using a definition from the Urban Dictionary, he explained to us that PHAG is “an individual who proudly thrives to thwart oppression and negative stereotypes”. How great is that? 

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Heatin’ it up on the Hill

Some people will always think of long johns as those god-awful white synthetic things your mom made you wear. You know, those yucky under-pants that sag in the ass and make you look like you are wearing a diaper? 

Well, thanks to Ginch Gonch you’ll never have to endure that kind of humiliation again. We are saying “No More!” to the old, boring thermal pants that we all hate, and have created the funkiest and most colorful long johns you have ever laid your eyes on! 

These bad boys are perfect for rocking out next to the fire after a day of intense skiing or snowboarding, and will make your après-ski experience that much more fashionable. 


You can buy Ginch Gonch long johns online at 

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Get a hole in one!

Ginch Gonch is always working hard to reinvent itself and its designs, but this time we can thank our favorite adulterous celebity golfer, Tiger Woods, for giving a new depth of meaning to our classic argyle briefs, appropriately named: Tiger’s Wood.

At 10 exposed extra-marital affairs and counting, gossip columnists and celebrity bloggers alike are asking themselves how he found the time. Here at Ginch Gonch, we have a more important question: What was Tiger Woods wearing under all of those boring, loose-fitting golf pants?  What a shame it would be for all of those fresh eyes to have befallen a pair of boring tighty whities or blah grey boxers. 

In fact, it appears that so many women have seen him in the buff, that we are tempted to design a pair of underwear just for him…come to think of it, we already did! Get yourself and your partner the perfect post-modernist holiday gift, Tiger’s Wood Ginch Gonch fundies, in-stock and available now at

For Him


For Her

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Submit your pic!

You have exactly one week left to submit the sexiest, the most provocative, the most awe-inspiring photo of yourself in your favorite Ginch Gonch underwear for our Be a Star modeling contest.

The contest is open to guys and girls alike, and the winner (chosen by a panel of Ginch judges as well as influenced by popular vote online) will be featured in a Ginch Gonch photoshoot and win a year’s supply of the funkiest underwear in the world!

For contest details see the Be a Star site here



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