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Did you ever dream of walking down the runway with the wind in your hair, being worshipped and adored by countless millions, or of holding yourself back from that second bacon cheeseburger? 

Well now is your chance. Ginch has just launched its second major Be a Star modeling contest and is accepting applicants from across the globe. Men and women of all shapes, sizes and nationalities are encouraged to join in on the fun. Not only can you become one of the next Ginch Gonch campaign models, but you’ll also have the chance to win a whole year’s supply of free Ginch Gonch underwear! 

For those of you who are shy but could use a laugh, some eye candy or both, check out the recent submissions and vote on your favorites.

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  1. roger babinski said

    3 blondes are taking a road trip to disneyland…. all of a sudden they see a big sign that says…. DISNEYLAND LEFT….. so they turn around and go home! haha ur undies rock my sox! 🙂

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