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We hope you like our Package

Ginch Gonch would like to share it’s new package with you. Comes stuffed with all new men’s underwear from the I LOVE and FRUIT JUICE collections.

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I LOVE TOKYO Launches today!!!

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…(drumroll)…Ginch Gonch has finally unveiled it’s much-anticipated I LOVE TOKYO collection.

Inspired by Tokyo street fashion and japanese-inspired illustration and design, I LOVE TOKYO is a tribute to one of the most fashionable cities in the land of the “rise in some”.

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Get your I LOVE Ginch for Valentine’s Day

Ginch Gonch enthusiasts in the USA have one more day to order their I LOVE collection undies and receive them on-time  for Valentine’s Day. Check out a few of these limited-edition styles from the collectible I LOVE designer underwear collection for men and women:


  …brought to you from Ginch Gonch with love

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European Promotion: 50% OFF Ginch Gonch

Do you ever feel bored, unenthusiastic or aloof?

Do your boys suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety or depression as a result of being confined to boring, blah, tighty whities because you can’t find your favorite underwear in the country you live in?

If you are between the ages of 15 and 100, live in the UK or another European nation, and are in desperate need of Ginch Gonch underwear, please go to immediately to enjoy 50% off selected styles from Ginch Gonch’s Load’n & Dump’n, Totems, Jungle and Glitter collections for a limited-time only.

I Want Pants ships all orders FREE  across the UK and charges only £6 shipping for orders throughout Europe.

Do not dismay, Ginch Gonch is on the way!

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Stuff a sock in it!

Ginch Gonch invites you to its very first threesome in 2010. Buy any 2 pairs of Ginch Gonch underwear and get a FREE pair of socks with your order. Click on the images below to shop online.

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Ginch Gonch & Banana Guard Protect your Valuables!

What do you get when you combine a plastic banana protector with the world’s funkiest underwear brand?  The answer is one happy, well-protected banana and a unique holiday gift.

This holiday season, Ginch Gonch is teaming up with Vancouver-based Banana Guard to offer a special gift-with-purchase promotion to customers who buy three pairs of underwear or more online.

Some might ask themselves what exactly is a Banana Guard? The item in question is a rather funny looking colorful plastic device that bears an uncanny resemblance to an adult toy but serves the practical purpose of protecting your banana from being crushed in your lunch bag on your way to school or work. No one likes a bruised banana and Banana Guard has introduced a solution to this problem that has been plaguing people since they have been carrying around the sweet, meaty fruit.

Ginch Gonch is known for its cheeky, outside-of-the box marketing campaigns and ‘Live Like a Kid’ philosophy.  The Banana Guard cross-promotional campaign fits perfectly with Ginch Gonch’s corporate culture. “We felt that our partnership with Banana Guard has allowed us to communicate the Ginch Gonch philosophy of protecting your planet, health, food and valuables, while simultaneously making people laugh and offering them a practical, complimentary product that they otherwise may not have discovered on their own”, said Ginch Gonch CEO and Director of Dollars and Sense, Naomi Ronn.

The promotion will begin today online at and in selected North American retail outlets while Banana Guard quantities last.

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Get a hole in one!

Ginch Gonch is always working hard to reinvent itself and its designs, but this time we can thank our favorite adulterous celebity golfer, Tiger Woods, for giving a new depth of meaning to our classic argyle briefs, appropriately named: Tiger’s Wood.

At 10 exposed extra-marital affairs and counting, gossip columnists and celebrity bloggers alike are asking themselves how he found the time. Here at Ginch Gonch, we have a more important question: What was Tiger Woods wearing under all of those boring, loose-fitting golf pants?  What a shame it would be for all of those fresh eyes to have befallen a pair of boring tighty whities or blah grey boxers. 

In fact, it appears that so many women have seen him in the buff, that we are tempted to design a pair of underwear just for him…come to think of it, we already did! Get yourself and your partner the perfect post-modernist holiday gift, Tiger’s Wood Ginch Gonch fundies, in-stock and available now at

For Him


For Her

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